Classic Scene: ‘Clash of the Monsters’

Clash of the Monsters

Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man (1943)frank1

Dir. Roy William Neill

The Scene: Unable to resist his curiosity anymore, Dr. Mannering unleashes the full power of Frankenstein’s monster, much to the dismay of his companion Baroness Elsa Frankenstein. Of course this goes horribly wrong and the creature sets his sights on the daughter of his creator. In the night sky above them, the full moon hangs, unleashing the curse on Laurence Talbot turning him into the Wolf Man. He incidentally rescues Baroness Frankenstein from the creature bringing the two monsters, finally into battle.

The Deconstruction: Nowadays Marvel Studios has become a cinematic juggernaut with the shared universe their movies all inhabit. What few modern moviegoers know is that they were beaten to the punch over eight decades ago by the Universal Monsters franchise. After years of introducing the members of this famous monster stable, Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man, finally featured two of them on the same screen together. In a movie filled with all the hallmarks of the franchise: mad scientists, gothic castles, angry villagers, and gypsies; everything builds to the climax of seeing the Wolf Man challenge Frankenstein’s infamous creation. It helps that these two famous monsters of the screen our played by horror legends Lon Chaney Jr. and Bela Lugois, who know exactly what to do.  Dr. Mannering and Baroness Elsa Frankenstein watch in horror as their derelict castle becomes a battleground between two of horror’s biggest icons. While the actual fight is underhwelming, it is still fun tow see the Frankenstein Monster and the Wolf Man come face to furry face.

Best Bit: Of course angry villagers in a Universal Monsters flick are gonna make a scene. This time they blow up the local dam flooding the ominous castle. Not only is this a fun change of pace from the usual torch wielding, but it adds the element of a flood to monsters’ battle.