20 Female Authors to Read This Halloween Season

It’s that time of year again where I tell you what spooky authors to read to go along with our 31 days of Halloween. This year, I’m bringing you a list of all female writers. Note that many of the most famous female horror writers have already been included in previous year’s versions of “authors to read during the Halloween season.” Read Part 1 here, Part 2 here, and Part 3 here.


  1. Laura Purcell

Check out: The Silent Companions (2017), The Corset (2018)

2.Joyce Carol Oates 

Check out: Zombie (1995), The Accursed (2013)

  1. Elizabeth Hand

Check out: Waking the Moon (1994), Wylding Hall (2015)

  1. Mira Grant

Check out: Feed (2010), Into the Drowning Deep (2017)


  1. Caitlín R. Kiernan

Check out: The Red Tree (2009), The Drowning Girl (2012)

  1. Ann Radcliffe

Check out: The Mysteries of Udolpho (1794), The Italian (1797)

  1. Lisa Jackson

Check out:  If Only She Knew (2000), Left to Die (2008)

  1. Dorothy Macardle

Check out: The Uninvited (1942), The Unforeseen (1946)  


  1. Kim Liggett

Check out: Blood and Salt (2015), The Last Harvest (2017)

  1. V.C. Andrews

Check out: Flowers in the Attic (1979), My Sweet Audrina (1982)

  1. Gretchen McNeil

Check out: Possess (2011), Ten (2012) 

  1. Sarah Waters

Check out: Affinity (1999), The Little Stranger (2009)


  1. Danielle Vega

Check out: Survive the Night (2015), Haunted (2019)

  1. Ania Ahlborn

Check out: Seed (2011), Within These Walls (2015)

  1. Amy Lukavics

Check out: Daughters Unto Devils (2015), The Woman in the Walls (2016)

  1. Rin Chupeco

Check out: The Girl from the Well (2014), The Bone Witch (2017)


  1. Octavia E. Butler

Check out: Bloodchild (1984), Fledgling (2005) 

  1. Kathe Koja

Check out: The Cipher (1991), Skin (1993)

  1. Helen Oyeyemi

Check out: The Icarus Girl (2005), White is for Witching (2009)

  1. Tananarive Due

Check out: My Soul to Keep (1997), The Good House (2003)