Creepy Mysteries: Vanish in the Snow

At the bottom of the world, the continent of Antarctica is of the most scariest and most beautiful places on earth. The human population consists entirely of researchers, some of whom have come back with fascinating tales of living in the snow covered wasteland. In 1965 Carl Robert Disch was one such researcher working for the National Bureau of Standards at the Byrd Station as an atmospheric meteorologist. Jointly run by the different branches of the United States military, the Byrd Station consisted of a series of buildings connected by a hand-line to keep people safe and on the path as they traveled in the dark and snow covered environment. Though the distance between station may not have been so great, the harsh and dangerous conditions the Arctic through at those who dared encroach on her icy surface made things that much more dangerous. In theory, it was these hand-lines that Disch was utilizing before he seemingly vanished forever.

On the night of May 8, 1965, Disch was at the radio noise building where he normally worked, less than a mile away from the main headquarters. That morning he set out into the harsh conditions as per his routine. All things considered it takes a matter of several minutes to make the trek. However 45 minutes was pushing it, and when that amount time passed his colleagues grew curious and dispatched a vehicle search party to check the hand-lines to see where the scientist was. He was not found on any of the paths at the research station, in fact the only sign they found of him was a set of footprints heading away from the safety of line and venturing into a westward condition. These were not the wobbly unsure footprints of someone battling the elements and getting lost. The footprints Carl R. Disch theoretically left behind were steady and deliberate as he meant to venture forward into the icy wild. Naturally they tried to follow these prints but the forceful winds and poor visibility made that impossible.

The thorough and creative searches which followed all met with nothing as they searched the snow for the missing researcher. For fifty years the question of what happened to Carl Robert Disch has remained a mystery. Of course this mystery has led to a number of theories both conventional and supernatural in nature. The strange circumstances surrounding the disappearance has only added fuel to this fire.

Of course the interesting explanation deals with the extraterrestrial. In the days before and after the incident there were a number of sightings of strange lights around the area of the Byrd Station. This combined with the fact that the search party claimed his footprints abruptly stopped at a point, leads one to wonder if something snatched him up. Perhaps on the morning he disappeared Disch saw these lights and decided to investigate further sealing his fate.

A more conventional explanation would be that he was lost in the brutal cold weather which awaited him outside of the radio noise building. The wind was strong and the snow it blew around was blinding. The problem with this is the fact that, Disch took this path regularly. Each day when he left his post he grabbed the rope and navigated to his next stop. But his footprints showed he purposely left the safety of the known path and ventured off away from the Byrd Station. If he were lost why would he have continued off in the wrong direction?

To this day nobody knows what happened to Carl Robert Disch. There has never even been a body recovered. Years later another research station run by the AA2 Weather Circuit received a message from someone who claimed to be Carl Disch. In this communication the sender claimed that he grew tired of dealing with his colleagues and purposely wandered into the Arctic wilderness purposely. It even accounted for the fact that Disch’s dog went missing shortly after he did. After years alone he missed human contact as he was now going mad. Since it is a long shot that he had survived the harsh nature of Antarctica alone for six years this communication is largely considered a hoax. This begs the question of what happened to Carl Robert Disch.