Wrestlers Who Could Be Actors

When you are a professional wrestler one of the key components to be successful is to have a larger than life charisma. That “it factor” that immediately makes crowds want to pay and see you. So it makes sense that so many have gone from the squared circle to the silver screen. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of the biggest celebrities in the world. John Cena and Dave Bautista are both reaping the rewards of the superhero genre’s explosion. Cody Rhodes was a villain on Arrow. Chris Jericho has been in Kevin Smith films. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper was in one of the biggest films John Carpenter ever made. And Andre the Giant helped the Dread Pirate Roberts rescue a princess. But now there is a new generation lacing up there boots and hitting the squared circle, most prominently in the WWE and AEW. Of this new group of grapplers who has the potential to one day make the journey to the bright lights of Hollywood.

Becky Lynch: Throughout the generations the WWE has had “The Man” and many times that Man has gone on to Hollywood success. Hulk Hogan, the Rock, and now John Cena. But in the current generation of the WWE “The Man” smashed the glass ceiling and at the first Wrestlemania main evented by women walked home with TWO world titles. What was supposed to be a heel turn attempt in 2018 led to Becky Lynch becoming the hottest thing in the sport. She carried herself with a badass energy that radiated through arenas, could trash talk anyone on the mic and had the physical chops to back up her boasts. She graced the covers of video games, starred in ESPN commercials, and even had a supporting role in one of those WWE-produced flicks. Becky Lynch has more than proven she has the star power to lead a film of her own and not one her boss produces but a legit production. The Irish Lasskicker has the charisma, toughness, confidence, and action chops to big to do boffo box office and Hollywood better be calling her soon.

Orange Cassidy: In wrestling and in acting you can teach a lot of things, but you can not teach the ability to be effortlessly cool. You either have it or you don’t, and Orange Cassidy has it. With his adenim jacket and sunglasses any ring he swaggers into he is takes the spotlight without even trying. The King of Sloth Style would rather chill at ringside with hands in pockets while his buds in the Best Friends handle the heavy lifting. But once he steps up to take action all eyes are on him as he stares down anyone from a legend to an up-and-comer with an unflappable attitude. Orange Cassidy’s unconventional gimmick has carved himself out a niche in the business and he has become an unconventional fan favorite. But a recent feud with Chris Jericho allowed him to break out and show the full dimensions of his character. He could match wits verbally with one of the greatest talkers ever, but also displayed a capability to unleash ferocious violence. A man with an already devoted fanbase with a wealth of talent and buckets of charisma, Orange Cassidy could make it as an acting star.

Big E: With the physique of an action star and the perfect comedic chops of a stand-up, this New Day member would be gold on the screen. Debuting in WWE as simply a mute bodyguard to back-up Dolph Ziggler during his rise to the top, Big E was not allowed to showcase any of his personality and often had to struggle for screentime. But once he formed the New Day along with Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods, Big E was on a rocket straight to the top. As part of this 11-time Tag Team Champions, the former powerlifter finally got to show off his entertainer side and his talent is off the charts. Having learned the art of public speaking from his minister father, Big E commanded the attention of the thousands of people in the arena with a mic in hand. He did everything from throw pancakes to the crowd to market Booty-O’s and audiences are 110% enraptured by his silliness. But do not be fooled as, he is more than willing and capable of bodyslamming anyone in his path. This combination of goofy comedian and Herculean strongman is rare and could make Big E a big star in Hollywood.

Drew McIntyre: As Chris Jericho once said about McIntyre, he is a big Scotsman who is good at beating people up, what is not to love. Despite being dubbed “The Chosen One” upon his WWE debut, Drew McIntyre has not had an easy path to the top. In his original run, it is safe to say he never reached his full potential and after being “future endeavored” the Scotsman went to the indie scene and began a process of rebuilding himself. After years of working his butt off, Drew McIntyre finally came back and at Wrestlemania 36 finally capture the WWE Championship. His real life is a compelling underdog story of a man who took a blow to his ego and eventually learned to reach his full potential. This has given the burly Claymore Kick-er an ability to connect with people in a way few performers can. While he carries himself as a larger-than-life intense warrior, McIntyre is still an authentic man of the people. Having the look and charisma to be a star is one thing, but being able to get the masses to cheer you on is something else entirely.

Tay Conti: This Brazilian wrestler is quickly ascending the ranks of stardom in AEW and for good reason. Not only does she have stunning beauty but also a black belt in Judo. When she was released as part of WWE’s despicable COVID releases, the burgeoning All Elite Wrestling was quick to sign her to their ranks. Her talent in the ring may still be raw, but there is no denying that she has that “it factor” in buckets. Whether she is allying with the Dark Order or challenging for the title, Conti has the ability to not only adapt but thrive in any situation. Despite her newcomer status, Tay Conti is perfectly comfortable thriving with a bright spotlight on her.

Bray Wyatt: Ever since the dawn of cinema, horror has been a fan favorite genre. Being able to perfectly execute the art of scaring audiences is an art and a science. In the WWE, nobody has that gift more than Bray Wyatt. When he first debuted it was as a backwoods cult leader with a creepy magnetism which captivated and chilled millions. But poor booking eventually ruined that character forcing him back to the drawing board. When he resurfaced it was in a series of vignettes he made himself as the host of a children’s TV show that had a disturbing undercurrent. After weeks of people wondering where this was going, Wyatt finally debuted the Fiend. Donning a mask made by horror legend Tom Savini he became the stuff of nightmares. Even the toughest on the roster were terrified of this new mysterious monster. Bray Wyatt understands the art of scaring and entertaining audiences that could make him a horror movie icon if he ever desired to make that leap.