Movie and Drinks: The Big Lebowski

The Movie-The Big Lebowski: His name may be Jeff Lebowski, but to those in the know he is, The Dude or His Dudeness or El Duderino if you’re not into the whole brevity thing. Whatever he calls himself, this bowling stoner happens to share the name of a wealthy man with a trophy wife in a world of trouble. Somehow the Dude finds himself tied him in helping the other Lebowski get his wife back from kidnappers opening him up to a world of hurt filled with pornographers, nihilists, and the wealthy man’s artist daughter. By his side is the aggressive Vietnam vet Walter who has no problem making a bad situation even worse.

The Drink-White Russian: The Dude’s go-to drink anytime the chance to get a drink arises is the White Russian. In fact The Big Lebowski is largely crediting for bringing this beverage into the mainstream. This cocktail is easy to make and quite tasty, really tying the whole room together. You start your build with vodka, about 2 ounces poured over ice in an Old Fashioned glass. You follow that up with an ounce of coffee liqueur, most people use Kahlua but you can use other options like Tia Maria or Leopold Bros. After this you have a drink called a Black Russian, the final step is to pour a splash of heavy cream over the top which not only adds the color but also a certain richness. Naturally you can play around with this, if you want an extra bit of flavor some people use peppermint cream. Those who prefer a thinner cocktail could use milk rather than cream. No matter how you make it, just ensure it is something that The Dude will abide.