Geek Travel: George Boedecker Sculpture Garden

This Geek Travel is one very different from the usual ones as it is not truly a tourist attraction. Instead it is squarely on private property, but it is such a strange and wonderful sight to behold it is worth the trip to the far outskirts of Nashville, Tennessee. There was once a dream, a dream to create a shoe that is so hideous that would be widely mocked, but so convenient people would buy pairs in droves anyways. George Boedecker made that dream a reality by creating the Croc. Since creating this infamous piece of footwear he has made tons of money, so much money in fact he has had to find new and interesting ways of spending it. This is where a sculptor he encountered in Mexico during the late 2010’s enters the pictures. Boedecker commissioned this artist to fill his yard in the Bellevue neighborhood of Nashville with massive statues of a variety of animals the vast majority of which are dinosaurs!!!!

As mentioned previously this is not a true tourist attraction, getting to this site from Nashville proper is not easy once you get off the highway. You end up in sprawling farmland with winding narrow rows and steep hills. That being said this sculpture garden is not something you are going to miss, as you crest a hill you will see a massive field filled with concrete statues of prehistoric beasts. In my pre-travel research I found a report from a Nashville-based news source where in 2019 George Boedecker said he had plans to clear out an area for people to park and get a good look at the sculptures. Apparently in the past 3 years he has made exactly jack and squat levels of progress on this front. I had to drive down this desolate country road back and forth a few times before finding a place where I could pull over that was not a drop-off into a ditch. I played a game of human Frogger to dash across the surprisingly busy street in order to truly behold the majesty of this concrete menagerie.

Do you recall that feeling from the classic scene from Jurassic Park when Dr. Grant, Dr. Sadler, and Ian Malcom see the dinosaurs for the first time. Upon laying eyes on Boedecker’s impressive sculpture garden you will get that feeling all over again. There is nothing like looking out over a wide field and seeing it populated by grand statues of animals who have been extinct for millions of years. While they may not move, many of them are arranged into little scenes, my personal favorite being a Spinosaurus defending it’s water source of an on-property pond. Aside from the stone prehistoric reptiles there are even a few statues of living animals up against the fence for lookie-loos to get a get view of.

It is a proven fact that dinosaurs make everything better. Think the Mona Lisa is cool? Imagine it with a triceratops. While Citizen Kane may be the greatest American film ever made, think about how much better it would have been if it had been a velociraptor who took him away from his parents and beloved sled as a boy instead of some wealthy blowhard. In this case, even the yard of an eccentric millionaire is improved by dinosaurs. Hopefully one day, George Boedecker will install a place for people to actually park so they can get out and get a true look at these majestic works of art because his sculpture garden is truly magnificent.