The Pull List: 2/19/14

Must read comics debuting on 2/19


Alex + Ada #4

Hey! Her fans! You are going to want to check this one out. Alex is a regular but lonely dude in the future who is gifted a very realistic looking robot companion. They aren’t necessarily for sex, but everyone just assumes that’s what they are for. Alex and Ada’s relationship has been building very slowly (and deliberately).


Avengers World #3

I have to be bluntly honest. I don’t get the appeal of Shang-Chi. Yes, he is a badass martial artist, but what else is he? He’s Asian, and I feel like that’s why people like him. Because he isn’t just another white superhero. Hickman is doing his damnedest to make Shang-Chi interesting though, and I am willing to go along with it. Shang-Chi vs Gorgon (an underrated villain) for leadership of The Hand.


Daredevil #36

Sadly, Mark Waid and Chris Samnee’s very cool, fun, and pulpy version of Daredevil is coming to a close. But don’t worry, next month Daredevil is coming back in a brand new #1 issue… Mark Waid……..and illustrated by Chris Samnee? What? Wait a minute! Ugh, this is so dumb.


Fables #138

A standalone issue for the evil son of a bitch, Gepetto. Hahaha…..I wish I could see the faces of the people reading that who aren’t well-versed with the Fables series.

Justice League

Justice League #28

You can’t keep a good man down! Cyborg took his licks and keeps on coming, but the Justice Leagues are spread out and missing. It’s too bad because Cyborg needs some reinforcements to go up against the Crime Syndicate. Oh hey, look everyone, the Metal Men. The new 52 debut of the Metal Men!


New Warriors #1

There was something about New Warriors back in the day that I really liked. They were like the Teen Titans of the Marvel Universe. They were a bunch of B- and C-list heroes (maybe even worse) who banded together without the decades worth of history like the Avengers. I already have a soft spot for underrated non-A-listers, so when you put them together, call me interested. The fact that Speedball and Justice are bringing them back in a big bad way (with the new Scarlet Spider in tow, no less) by a writer who excelled in Saturday morning cartoons (Christopher Yost) makes this series one of my most anticipated of the whole Marvel Now project.


Undertow #1

It is billed as a Harryhausen-inspired science fiction story, but it sounds like it has plenty of socio-political stuff going on. Atlantis is the world’s biggest superpowered, and their head honchos are on the hunt for the Amphibian, a folk legend that could be the key to Atlanteans living on land. Like a Sea Sasquatch, I guess.


X-Files Conspiracy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1

In the last issue, the Lone Gunmen of X-Files fame investigated the Ghostbusters to see if they were  frauds. Next up are the Ninja Turtles. The connecting factor: they are all published by the same publisher (IDW). Be on the look out for Transformers and The Crow investigations in the future.