Paranormal Authors You Should Read

Thanks to a whole genre of TV as well as recent trends in horror flicks,that have cropped up in recent years, people all over the world have become fascinated with the paranormal. The problem is these new wannabe paranormal investigators think they learned everything they need to know from these shows and flicks and dive right in making tons of mistakes in the process.  Those of us who have been researching and investigating this field, know that investigating the paranormal involves more than running around under the watchful view of night vision cameras, and in fact it requires a lot of research and pouring over books and articles. Since many out there do have a genuine fascination with the paranormal but are not sure where to start, I have made a list a few of my favorite authors in this field, so any of you who wish to take your interest in the paranormal further can hit your local library or bookstore to check these writers out.


Dr. Hans Holzer: If the field of paranormal research had a godfather it would be this Austrian born scientist, who pioneered many of the methods, investigators still use today. Blending scientific research with the use of more unconventional methods such as the use of mediums, Dr. Holzer made ghost hunting a prominent field of research and inspired a whole generation of investigators and researchers. In his numerous books you will find his; theories, investigative methods, and most interesting cases. His one definitive book is possibly the simply titled Ghosts, a massive collection of much of his writings which can studied or read for pure enjoyment. For an easier read there is also his book Ghost Hunter or if you have an interest in witchcraft or covens you may also find his book Witches: True Encounters with Wicca, Covens, and Magick to be worth a read.


Michelle Belanger: If you have seen a documentary in the past several years about; ghosts, vampires, or the occult, chances are you have seen Michelle Belanger. Throughout her career this Psychic Vampire has established herself as one of the world’s top experts in the field of the dark and mysterious. Armed with an incredible intellect, Belanger has written some of the most detailed books on the subject of the paranormal you will find on the bookshelves. Her book the Ghost Hunters Survival Guide, is written so that anyone who has an interest in the paranormal can find something of interest; whether a novice or expert, or if you prefer the more mystical side of the field or the more scientific investigative methods. One of her latest works Dictionary of Demons: Names of the Damned is a must own resource for those interested in demonology. Whether your interest in the paranormal centers around; ghosts, witchcraft, or nonhuman entities, Belanger has a book for you.


Pat Fitzhugh: As someone who was raised on border between Georgia and Alabama who now lives in Memphis, Tennessee it should go without saying that Southern folklore and ghost stories have been a massive area of interest in my own paranormal research. Many talented authors have written about this subject; Will Aymerich, Reese Christian, Kathryn Tucker Windham, and Margaret Gillis Figh, are among some of my favorites in this field. For a beginner looking into the ghosts who haunt the region south of the Mason-Dixon Line, Pat Fitzhugh is definitely who you want to check out. An expert with a wealth of knowledge concerning history and folklore, Fitzhugh’s book Ghostly Cries From Dixie is a fantastic look at Southern ghosts. Perhaps Fitzhugh is best known for his research into the case of the Bell Witch, the first highly publicized paranormal event in America, his research about this bizarre haunting is collected in his book the Bell Witch Haunting an excellent resource for those interested in this bizarre chapter in Tennessee history.