Disney Top 10 Animated Shows

There is no doubt that volumes have been written about the impact Disney has had in animated films. The studio is largely credited for having created the idea of the full length animated feature. But this article focuses on another of the House of Mouse’s rich legacy in cartoons, and that is on the small screen. Because this is my list and what I say goes, we be excluding outside properties which were acquired by Disney, so sadly no Star Wars or Marvel, but don’t worry there is still plenty to enjoy. So in no particular order here are Disney’s Top 10 Animated Shows.


10. Kim Possible : At a time when Disney’s animated shows seemed to have fallen to the side, Kim Possible brought in a new fanbase for this particular aspect of the House of Mouse’s business. While earning high ratings and mountains of critical acclaim, teenage hero Kim Possible and her sidekicks Ron Stoppable and Rufus battled Doctor Drakken on a regular basis. Until Phineas and Ferb surpassed it, Kim Possible was the longest running Disney show in history for a good reason.


9. Chip n’ Dale: Resuce Rangers: In the 1990’s Disney revamped many of their classic characters for a new audience that wanted more thrills and adventure, and leading the way was a new take on chipmunks Chip and Dale. No longer lovable goofballs…well still lovable goofballs but now along with a group of friends they fought criminals and investigated crimes. This paved the way for a boom on the television set of quality cartoons that still resonate with viewers.


8. Gravity Falls: If any show was the antithesis of the family friendly image Disney has cultivated it is this twisted and hilarious show from creator Alex Hirsch. Twins, Dipper and Mabel are stuck spending their summer with their Grunkle Stan in his Mystery Shack in the town of Gravity Falls. Dipper discovers a strange journal which details the mysterious and creepy events and creatures of the town that he and Mabel have to deal with. From gnomes to monsters to government cover-ups to humor that skews more towards the adult realm, Gravity Falls has built a strong and loyal cult following during its run.


7. Recess: To adults recess is just a fun time for kids to relax and unwind a bit, but to kids recess is where the politics and social structure of a class are on full display. It is in this every-person-for-them-self kind of atmosphere that drew together; TJ, Spinelli, Mikey, Gus, Gretchen, and Vince as they band together to navigate this tumultuous period of the school day. Recess proved so popular that it became Disney’s flagship show during its Saturday morning cartoon block.


6. Gargoyles: In the 1990’s Disney took a chance on a gothic horror-tinged show about a group of medieval gargoyles who come to life at night and battle crime.  Led by the strong and steadfast Goliath, the Gargoyles had to adjust to a new age while staying by their code of honor. Battling threats of both technological and mystical origin, Goliath and his clan protected the citizens of the new home in New York City. Though the show itself was short lived it has achieved a cult following which lasts to this day.Few shows have achieved the balance of; fantasy, action, horror, and comedy, that Gargoyles did and hopefully it will soon return in some form.


5. TaleSpin: As if everyone’s favorite Jungle Book character was not already cool enough, the animated series TaleSpin, turned him into a pilot. They took the bear out of the jungle and put him into a cool and stylish art deco themed world giving the series a slick 1930’s look. As if Baloo did not have enough to deal with when Shere Khan and air pirates were around, but he also had to the feisty Kit as his navigator (although who among us did not watch this show and wish for Kit’s flying surfboard-thing).


4. Darkwing Duck: Before they even thought about purchasing Marvel Comics in their continuing bid to own all of pop culture, Disney had its own super hero and he got dangerous. With the assistance of Launchpad McQuack, Darkwing Duck would shed his alter ego of Drake Mallard to battle crime in the city of St. Canard. Comic fans were quick to spot references to classic comic book and pulp heroes. Unlike the other animated Disney shows at the time, Darkwing Duck did not feature a retooling of classic Disney characters but rather a cast of original characters. Despite the fact that the show has long since ended rumors persist that this duck hero will soon return, possibly in comic book form.


3.Duck Tales: And now you have the theme song stuck in your head. You’re welcome. Based on the classic comic book series created from such greats as Carl Banks and Don Rosa. In this series Scrooge McDuck must spend a little less time diving into his famous gold filled vault, and a little more time watching his nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie. Luckily this trio of ducks are able to create a whole series of adventures for their Uncle to join them in. Duck Tales is perhaps the most beloved Disney series of its era, so popular in fact that a reboot of the show was recently announced.


2. Phineas and Ferb: There’s 104 days of summer vacation, which is plenty of time for step-brothers Phineas and Ferb to do it all. Much to the chagrin of their sister Candace, the duo spends there days building everything from; time machines to portals to Mars to a Football X7 stadium. Unbeknownst to the boys (and pretty much everyone else as well) the evil Doctor Doofenshmirtz repeatedly builds a series of -inators to wreak havoc on the Tri-State Area, but he is repeatedly stopped by Phineas and Ferb’s pet Perry the Platypus. The show has become a fan favorite by crossing over with other Disney properties such as Star Wars and Marvel comics, as well as featuring a Halloween special guest starring; George Romero, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost.The show’s quality earned it a devoted fanbase that made it the longest running Disney animated series ever.


1. The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: When Disney purchased the rights to A.A. Milne’s classic bear and his friends in the Hundred Acre Forest, they were bound to do something memorable with it, and so they did. Debuting in 1988 this latest incarnation of Pooh, went on to win two Emmy’s for Outstanding Animated Program. With a sense of adventure and a lot of heart, the New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh introduced a new generation to this iconic character.