Five Creepy Unsolved Mysteries Part 22

Once again I have the joy of telling you dear readers about the unexplained and the unknown. In this edition of Five Creepy Unsolved Mysteries we will look at; a bizarre final resting place, an ancient mystery which puzzles historians, a strange illness possibly from beyond our world and more. Submitted for your approval here is Five Creepy Unsolved Mysteries. Once again feel free to stroll through the archive below.

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1.The Sea Peoples: Around 1200 BC civilization was in the process of major changes as empires of old began to lose power and influence. It is this time that a group of invaders known as the Sea Peoples began their reign of terror in the ancient world. The first record of them emerged, when the combined might of Anatolia and Suppiluliuma in modern day Turkey, failed to stop the conquest of these mysterious invaders and their naval power. According to the legend they burned both cities to the ground before vanishing back into the sea. Over the next several years, like a band of warrior pirates the Sea People attacked and devastated many important coastal cities and trade routes, around the Mediterranean Sea. Eventually they (and allegedly their Libyan allies) made war of Egypt and after many battles with Ramesses the Great, Merenptah, and Ramesses III they were supposedly defeated at a great cost to the Kingdom on the Nile. To this day historians have argued over the origin of the Sea Peoples claiming they could be from; Italy, Greece or even the lost nation of Atlantis. There are even those who claim that the Sea Peoples simply existed only in legend, we will probably never know the truth.


2. Lilly Gray Victim of the Beast: If you stroll through your local cemetery and look at the headstones you will see phrases such as “Beloved Husband” or “Rests With God” or something to that effect. But in Salt Lake City, Utah, a woman named Lilly E. Gray has a peculiar epitaph reading “Victim of the Beast 666”. Nobody seems to know if this inscription was requested by Gray or if it was placed there by someone else. This bizarre tombstone grabbed the attention of, Richelle Hawks, who set out to learn about Lilly E. Gray, and that’s where things get even weirder. During the course of her research Hawks discovered many differentiations between the information in the cemetery and the actual woman. Lilly was in fact spelled with only a single “L”, which could be chalked up to a simple error, but her birthday is wrong on the stone as well. In reality Lily Gray was born on June 4, 1880 instead of the listed, June 6, 1881. Her death certificate lists the cause of death as “natural causes” which surely does not sound like a beast attack. The biggest element to Gray’s life which Hawks discovered was that she was married to a troublemaker named Elmer, who for some reason chose to be buried far from his wife. Despite the multitude of resources at her disposal Hawks is no closer to discovering the meaning of the strange epitaph on Lilly E. Gray’s tombstone.


3. Butcher on B1: In the country of Namibia, B1 is the road that runs central to the nation as a key vein in their infrastructure. In August 2005, the first know victim of that nation’s most deranged serial killer appeared, when the mutilated remains of Melanie Janse were discovered. For the next couple of years more human remains appeared on the side of B1, as the murderer known as the B1 Butcher claimed even more victims. Whereas many serial killers leave behind a trail of bodies, the B1 Butcher leaves behind a trail of body parts. With each person he claims, people spend days finding; torsos, feet, heads, and hands, by the side of the road. Despite the best efforts of investigators and help from investigators from all over the world the B1 Butcher still prowls the open road. Though the killings seemed to have stopped in 2007 it is not outside of the realm of possibility that he (or they) are still picking victims.


4. Carancas Meteorite: For the most part, debris from space is incinerated in our atmosphere before reaching the planet, but sometimes a meteorite makes it through and hits the earth. Such was the case in 2007 near the village of Carancas on the border of Peru and Bolivia. A meteorite struck the ground right outside of the town causing a fire plume several thousand feet high. At first the people in the area counted themselves lucky, because aside from a man being knocked off of his bike and some property damage from the force of the blast, everyone seemed alright. But in the days which followed, something strange began to happen. Like a plague, hundreds of people in Carancas started becoming incredibly ill with the same symptoms. Though they all eventually recovered nobody has been able to discover what caused this mass illness. Some have suggested that the heat of the meteorite melted toxic elements already in the ground causing them to enter the air as steam or get into the water supply. Others have theorized that the meteorite perhaps carried a certain amount of radiation. But nobody has ever discovered the truth.


5. The Bone Crypt: Holy Trinity Church in Rothwell, England has stood since the 1200’s and holds one of the creepiest mysteries to be found in a church. Beneath the historic chapel lies the terrifying room known as the “Bone Crypt” a chamber of human skeletal remains neatly stacked and arranged by someone. This secret was uncovered in the 1700’s when a grave digger accidentally stumbled upon it and was promptly scarred for life. Unlike other crypts such as the Paris catacombs, nobody knows who has been laid to rest here or who put them there. Researchers have been anxious to carbon date these remains in the hopes of narrowing down who they may be, but to this day it remains a mystery.