5 Creepy Unexplained Mysteries: Part 2

Because sequels do not have to be terrible, it is time for us to once again look at 5 creepy unexplained mysteries that continue to haunt us. If you have yet to check out the first catalog of weirdness you can check it out here. If you continue to read rest assured some of these stories may haunt or terrify you; so continue at your own peril.


5. The Death of Edgar Allan  Poe: One of the greatest writers in American literature, Edgar Allan Poe, introduced countless readers to dark and scary subject matters. In his personal life, the author was no stranger to death and tragedy which no doubt inspired his macabre tales of; ravens, detectives, and black felines. It seems only fitting that the circumstances surrounding Poe’s death are surrounded in mystery. In late September Edgar Allan Poe, was last seen travelling from Virginia to New York City, but he never made it, instead the Romantic author turned up in Baltimore on October 3rd. According to the witness who found him he was in a terrible state of “great distress”, unkempt and wearing someone else’s clothes. In his final moments he was attended to by Dr. John J. Moran, a physician whose credibility has been called to question many times, the doctor recounted, Poe’s final rants, how the author cried out for supernatural intervention and kept repeating the name “Reynolds”.  All records, including Poe’s death certificate, have since been lost leaving many to wonder about the strange circumstances which claimed the life of one of the greatest literary minds in history.



4. The Jersey Devil: The study of monsters and mysterious creatures, famously known as cryptozoology, has fascinated people for years. One such creature studied within this bizarre field of study is a creature who haunts the Pine Barrens region of New Jersey known as the Jersey Devil. It has been described by witnesses as being a winged creature with hooves, antlers, and a forked tale. According to legend, the Jersey Devil, was born out of a centuries old curse, when a woman known as Mother Leeds became pregnant with a thirteenth child, and through strange circumstances cursed the child to be a spawn of Satan. Since then the monster has been sited terrorizing the forests in the area. What sets the Jersey Devil apart from other mysterious beasts, is the social status of those who have seen it such as; politicians, military officers, statesman, and police officers. Many believe that the Jersey Devil sightings are bad omens as it tends to be seen heavily in the months leading up terrible disasters and turmoil.


3. Valley of the Giants: Every once in a while, paleontologists make a discovery which makes them question everything they believed.  In the European nation of Georgia the respected explorer, Dr. Abesalom Vekua discovered the remains of two humanoids of gigantic proportions.  Dating back over one million years, the origins of these fossils mystified Vekua and his team. Questions arose of whether these were individuals whom suffered from gigantism, but with the rarity of such a condition the odds were near impossible that two people with such a medical condition would live so close to each other AND die in such close proximity. Vekua proposed the theory that these giants were from a now extinct civilization which one resided in the region which has now been dubbed the Valley of the Giants, and if he could conduct further digs he would find others.  Sadly Vekua passed away earlier this year before he could find any answers to his questions, and strangely enough the remains of these giants have since mysteriously vanished. Others have attempted to gain permission to look for other giants in the Valley but have been inexplicably denied clearance. For now the question remains if the remains of an entire community of giants once called this forested area home.


2. Mary Celeste: The open seas have often been a source of mystery and wonder; from tall tales of sea beasts to stories of ghost ships. But in December of 1872, the world was reminded as to why the ocean is such a dangerous and mysterious place. The crew of a British ship spotted the vessel, the Mary Celeste floating in the water before them. A boarding party was sent aboard and discovered that the ship which had departed from New York a week before was now completely abandoned. The crew’s belongings and the cargo remained untouched, yet the the life boats were no longer there. The ship’s captain Benjamin Spooner Briggs had left his final entry in the log at 5 AM on November 25th. No trace was seen again of the captain or crew of the Mary Celeste. Theories have been posed by great minds such as; Sherlock Holmes creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; and documentary filmmaker and investigator Anne MacGregor. The current theory which has gained wide acceptance is that the crew that found the ship may not be completely blameless in the events which transpired, yet the truth behind the infamous ship remains hidden.


1. The Foo Fighters: Sadly this is not the mystery as to why Dave Grohl is so awesome, rather it concerns one of the greatest mysteries of the Second World War.  As the war was winding down in Europe, Allied pilots began to see mysterious lights sharing the skies with them, which they assumed to be unknown Nazi aircraft. They were dubbed “foo fighters” or “kraut fireballs”. These unidentified flying objects never fired on Allied aircraft and they were only seen on rare occasions on radar. Over time they were seen by pilots on both sides throughout the world during the war with no explanation as to what they were. After the war, the Robertson Panel, the very first committee set up by the United States government to explain the UFO phenomena,  looked into the “foo fighters” and even went so far as to alter many reports concerning the aircraft in an attempt to expose them as natural phenomena. To this day responsibility for these mysterious sightings remain a mystery and these “foo fighters” serve as a precursor to the UFO craze which hit the United States in the Post War Years.