5 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries Part 27

Now that summer has passed and the darkness falls quicker it is time to look once again at some of the strangest and creepiest mysteries in the world. Submitted for your approval I bring you another edition of 5 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries and if you wish to browse through our archives of this series feel free to do so below

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1. Cornish Owlman: In the spring of 1976, paranormal investigator Tony “Doc” Shiels met with a client who claimed that while he and his daughters had cut short their vacation to the village of Mawnan in Cornwall. The reason they had done this, was because while hiking one morning they found a church with a hideous feathered humanoid hovering above it. This creature frightened them so bad that they left in a hurry. He recorded his interviews with the man and his children which were published later that year. But seemed to be only the beginning as Shiel became inundated with reports of people in Cornwall seeing a creature resembling a Great Horned Owl but with humanlike qualities. He had each witness sketch the animal they had seen and each one drew something that was similar enough to be the same thing but different enough to show they were not collaborating on some hoax. The sightings of this creature seemed to coincide during a period where Southern Cornwall was experiencing a host of strange events. From; hordes of feral cats; floods, fires; UFO sightings; and even sightings of a sea serpent all plagued the region during the mid-70’s. As the years passed, the Cornish Owlman was still seen but now it only seems to pop up once every few years.

2. The Missing Henson Girls: At a rest stop in Florida in the spring of 2001, the police found the bodies of Curtis Mayer and his wife Christina. The case seemed cut and dry to law enforcement, Curtis shot his wife before turning the gun on himself. It was not until they searched the couple’s car that the case took a frightening turn. Inside the vehicle they found; a wallet, several credit cards, and other belongings of a woman named, Kimyala Henson. Within the trash can closest to the car were the tattered remains of Henson’s birth certificate as well. From this investigators began to piece together a strange cross-country puzzle. Kimyala Henson lived in Portland, Oregon with her young daughters, Shaina and Shausha. They were friends with the Mayers and were planning a trip to Canada with the couple, but before that Kimyala first had to go to Sacramento in order to pick up a copy of her birth certificate to make the trip. The last sighting of this family was here when the Hensons checked into their hotel. For reasons nobody is sure of, Kimyala Henson’s body was found buried in the deserts surrounding Reno, Nevada. Leaving her two daughters in the hands of Curtis Mayer, who was discovered to in reality be, Frank Oerhing a man wanted for attempted murder. The ultimate fate of the two children remains unknown, and the two people who may be able to shed light on this case took the secret to their grave.


3. The Haunting of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church: The historic St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Wyoming has been an important landmark since the 1860’s. In 1886, two stone masons were brought over from Sweden to build a new tower for the church, but before they could complete the job, they both vanished mysteriously. For the next several years crews tried to complete the work the two men started, but each time construction ground to a halt as a ghostly figure terrorized the workers. It was not until the 1920’s that work was able to be complete, after the ghost had been appeased by the construction crew. Several decades later one of the Swedish stonemasons popped back up, now many years older and on his death bed. He made a confession which could solve the mystery of the ghost, he claimed that his colleague fell from his death in the tower and in a panic he pulled and Edgar Allen Poe and sealed the body behind a wall in the tower before taking off. Many of the church elders took this as the logical explanation for the haunting, but despite a search for it, the body has yet to be found leaving this mystery unsolved.


4. Hairy Hands: If you found yourself in Dartmoor, England in the 1920’s driving around at night you should be on guard because one of the creepiest paranormal phenomena of the twentieth century could occur at any moment. Along the road of B3212 during this era a strangely high number of accidents kept occurring, many who made it out of these collisions told a terrifying story that, hairy beast like hands had reached out of the shadows and grabbed control of the wheel. Local author Rufus Endle had a terrifying encounter with this sinister pair of hands and had to fight to regain control of his vehicle. He spoke of this incident to only one other person under oath that he would not share the tale until after Endle’s death.


5. The Vanishing Village: Throughout this series I have written many times about people who have vanished without a trace, but in this case we have an entire village of 2000 people who all disappeared. In 1930 a fur trader named Joe Labelle, who often frequented the area around Lake Anjikuni in Alaska, ventured to an Inuit village he knew to be in the area. But when he arrived, Labelle found one of the greatest mysteries in Alaskan history. He discovered a lone fire burning beneath a pot of stew which had been scalded beyond recognition. The food and supply storages were left untouched but the people were gone. Labelle notified the authorities and the hunt for 2000 people began, they realized that the sled dogs used by the village were left behind meaning they could not have gotten far. But no trace of the villagers, not even a footprint in the snow turned up.