5 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries Part 26

It is summertime and the sun is shining. But when it comes to our series of creepy unsolved mysteries this just means the shadows are even darker. Submitted for your approval is the newest installment of Five Creepy Unsolved Mysteries. Once again if you missed a chapter or feel like rereading some of your old favorites, feel free to do so below.

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Nazca Mummy: Peru is home to the mysterious Nazca lines, a series of elaborate roads the ancients arranged into different designs. Many point to this as a possible collaboration between the early humans and extraterrestrial beings. Earlier this summer those in that camp got something to support their claims. Dr. Konstantin Korotkov of Saint Petersburg University revealed that he possessed the mummified remains of a humanoid creature with an elongated skull and three long fingers on each hand which was found in that particular region of Peru. Dr. Korotkov says that his research found that these were not deformities on a human but rather this was a completely different being. These remains have been dated to between 245 and 410 AD. While researchers in the paranormal community are excited about this find, those in mainstream science are a little more hesitant to embrace it. For his part Dr. Korotkov has been open about the mummified mystery being and is encouraging his fellow scientists and paleontologists to have a look at what may be the mummified remains from a being from beyond our world.


The Murder of the Grimes Sisters: In late December of 1956 in Chicago, teenage sisters Patricia and Barbara Grimes went to the movies to catch the Elvis flick Love Me Tender and never returned home. In the following several weeks the sisters were seen around the Chicago area by a number of different people; a couple of bus drivers claimed to have picked them up on the city; a classmate witnessed them eating with two other girls in a restaurant; three employees at a department store saw them listening to Elvis records in the store; as well as many others. The creep factor in this case turned up on January 14th when the family of their friend Sandra received a phone call from a terrified woman whom they swore sounded just like Patricia Grimes. To make matters even stranger the following day, a random gentleman called the police, informing them of a dream he had wherein the Grimes sisters were dead in Santa Fe Park. The following week, the frozen bodies of Patricia and Barbara Grimes were discovered a mile away from Santa Fe Park; the kicker being that when the bodies were examined it was determined that they had in fact died on December 28th, the night of their disappearance. To this day nobody has been able to find out how so many witnesses saw the girls in the weeks following their deaths, and despite rumors of the case being reopened in the near future the murderer of the two girls was never caught.


Stull Cemetery: Many believe that once you die and are laid to rest your soul travels to the afterlife, and if you have spent your mortal years acting like a complete jerk your trip there will not be so pleasant. In Stull, Kansas the local cemetery makes that trip a lot shorter for many, as a portal to hell is believed by many to exist within its gates. Since the 1970’s demonic entities and spirits from the past have been seen wandering through the tombstones by many witnesses. Many of the nearby buildings have burned to the ground without any explanation. Paranormal investigators have been through Stull Cemetery and recorded several EVPs of an elderly spirit seemingly trapped within the confines of the cemetery.


Seven Hills Road: Just outside of Ellicott City, Maryland stand seven hills and running through them is a winding and dangerous road which runs through the woods. For the past several decades something strange and oddly transformative has been happening on Seven Hills Road. The earliest accounts of this occur in the 1960’s, when drivers in the night would see a large black goat which would appear out of nowhere in the middle of the roads. Drivers would have to swerve to avoid hitting the creature, and as many of you may have expected the goat would immediately disappear. But when the 1970’s came around, the goat vanished and instead the vehicle referred to the locals as the Demon Truck began to torment drivers at night. The people of Ellicott City would go joyride at great speeds through the seven hills, and out of nowhere a black truck would come speeding head on at them. Those who stayed the course reported that the Demon Truck would vanish right before impact; but many others swerved off the road causing a huge spike in sometimes fatal car crashes in the area. In recent years, things on Seven Hills Road are changing again as fewer and fewer people are reporting sightings on the Demon Truck, instead now a woman shrouded in black is said to suddenly appear in the middle of the road at night forcing drivers to swerve or brace for impact right before she vanishes.


The Death of Blair Adams: In the summer of 1996 construction worker, Blair Adams decided to empty out his bank accounts, grab much of his belongings and head on foot across the Canadian border into the United States. Rather than going on a journey of self discovery or something like that, Adams was convinced someone was pursuing him. After being turned away by US Border Patrol, he purchased an airline ticket to Germany but decided to give up the ticket to try getting into the US again. This time, the paranoid construction worker made it, and in a baffling move, flew from Seattle to Washington DC where he rented a car and drove to Knoxville, Tennessee. This is where things become even stranger for Adams in his erratic journey. From what investigators were able to piece together, Adams turned up at a Knoxville gas station claiming he was having automotive troubles. Strangely enough it was found out that the keys he had used to drive the car there did not fit the ignition. With nowhere to go, Blair Adams rented out a hotel room, which he never went to and presumably left to go see the famous Sunsphere.  Later that day, Blair Adams’ half naked corpse was found less than a mile down the road, cause of death being a severe blow to the stomach. Did Blair Adams’ pursuer finally catch up to him? Or did somethings else entirely happen to him?